The Hilmy Cellars label produces and bottles wine in small lots from 100% Texas-raised fruit.   In every bin, vat, tank, or barrel, we attempt to make a true wine with the utmost of care and guidance, which we then respectfully submit to you.  Although we are still a young winery, even the most seasoned and well-versed of wine aficionados will be able to appreciate the many and significant transformations the wines find themselves undergoing presently.  Over the years, it is also our hope to produce wines for increasingly later release and subsequent enjoyment.  Do stay tuned.  These wines, some of which are currently in barrel and cask, should prove to be very interesting, indeed.


We use a variety of techniques to hand-produce our wines. With respect for tradition and application of modern methods, we strive to let each grape give a true expression of varietal heritage and Texas Terroir.

  • Open top maceration in very small batches allows for long, even fermentation, individualized attention, and yields a more complex wine when it comes time to blend.
  • Fermentation in ten stainless steel tanks is ideally suited for white wine, presenting a clean, controlled process that maximizes aromatics.
  • Judicious use of new and gently used oak barrels where appropriate, imparts additional complexities and aromatic textures including toast, mocha and spice.