Inwood Estates Vineyard

For over 30 years, Dan Gatlin has perfected the art  of winemaking in the state of Texas. Inwood Estates is a boutique winery and only produces wine made from all Texas grapes. The new winery and bistro is Inwood’s third location and has something for everyone – options for the casual taster, education for the interested wine consumer, and high-end tasting opportunities for the true wine connoisseur.

A pioneer in Teminwood pic 2pranillo growing, Inwood Estates specializes in making the highest quality wines from the best Texas grapes. While you’re visiting Inwood Estates, be sure to try our 2010 Tempranillo-Cabernet, a full-bodied inky blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, with red fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and strawberry juxtaposed with the dark flavors of blackberry, black currant and cassis. Both grapes are grown in the Texas High Plains just a few miles from the Texas-New Mexico border at the prestigious Newsom Vineyard where the high mineral soils and cold nights bring out the red fruit flavors.  If you’re more of a Chardonnay connoisseur, delight in our 2012 Palomino-Chardonnay, with a unique nectar-like quality that is the signature of the Palomino grape.  There are many more elegant wines to try, so make sure you visit us soon! “Come and enjoy our Fredericksburg Reserve Tasting Room and lunch at the Bistro!” ��- Dan and Rose Mary Gatlin