McKenzie Baird Photography

Born, raised, and currently residing in the Texas Hill Country I spend my time between Fredericksburg and the DFW area. 

While living in Africa, I discovered the power of telling a story through the medium of photography. I fell in love with the process and the transparency. In my college years I began to photograph weddings, and what was once trepidation soon turned into a tender love and ever growing respect for the wedding photography industry. I discovered that I could marry the documentary approach I first fell in love with, with the fine art standard I was challenged to emulate. 

I don’t believe weddings are just an event. Something fundamental changes about your personhood when you exchange those vows and make a commitment to one another. I believe a wedding is a ceremony, a celebration, something wonderfully and mysteriously sacred. No two weddings are alike, and that is why I document the wedding day as a story being unfolded, and not as a copied formula that needs to be recorded. 

Connecting with my clients, and sharing the same vision is terribly important to me. Building a friendship with mutual trust allows me to embrace my artistic imagination, and allows the client the freedom to experience the day fully with those around them. 

I would love to hear about your life over a cup of coffee or an old fashioned phone call.  And I would be deeply honored to walk with you during these treasured moments of your life.