Rancho Ponte Vineyard

Rancho Ponte pic 2

Rancho Ponte Vineyard is a small-production, family- run winery nestled on 20 acres and located just 5 miles east of Fredericksburg. One of the founding members of the Wine Road 290 Association, Rancho Ponte is known for wine appreciation steeped in culinary excellence.

Roberto Ponte is a fifth generation winemaker, with family ties to Northern Italian and California viticulture. Roberto sources fruit and produces wines using unique Italian varietals, as well as Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet. A full tasting card of red, white and dessert wines will tempt aficionados and explorers alike. Rachel Pickering-Ponte is a classically trained chef and was a recipe consultant for Williams-Sonoma. Together, the Pontes celebrate the essence of food and wine appreciation through special tasting events and acclaimed culinary classes. The beautiful tasting room, with a roomy central serving bar, is 500 yards south of Highway 290 on Ranch Road 1376 (the road to Luckenbach, TX).  Rancho Ponte Vineyards is also home to a pair of Texas Longhorns, so keep your eyes open for Brix and Tannin on the Ranch property behind the winery! Rancho Ponte — a perfect stop for day trippers looking for an international tasting experience and a friendly wine club atmosphere, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.