Saint Tryphon

Great growers, great vineyards, great families, great Texas wine.

Saint Tryphon (pronounced tree-fon) Farm & Vineyards developed from three core loves: TEXAS, the great wines of the world and good people. Our goal is to craft great wines from great vineyards in Texas. And by “great” we mean interesting, wild and authentic.

We are a family farm: Silouan, Mary Elizabeth and Anna Bradford along with our horses, sheep, chickens.  We curate a farm that works to create harmony within itself.  Love, compost, rigor & invention.  We are a bit interesting, wild and authentic too, just like our wines.

Saint Tryphon is an ancient Christian saint.  He is the patron of wine-growers, gardeners and birds.  We humbly strive to honor his patronage through minimal intervention in the cellar and vineyard.

Come taste Texas!