Vinovium is the only place in the Texas Hill Country where a wine lounge experience meets world-class wines from Texas and around the world that is served from central Texas’ largest selection of wines on tap. It is also the only place where education is a core part of what the “Vinovium” experience is. Guests and visitors to the Texas Hill Country will be able to experience a range of next level educational opportunities in the form of Short Courses and Seminars.

In addition, there’s no wine club like a Vinovium wine club. Our ability to source, consolidate and curate a unique wine club experience presents opportunities for members to get more from their wine club besides great wine.

Bottom line, Vinovium stands out. Whether we’re talking about traditional tastings from nontraditional means, classes by industry experts and our own resident experts, artisan coffee, wine clubs the Vinovium way and other unique programming, Vinovium adds a casual and informed winery experience to the booming wine scene in the Texas Hill Country and across the state.